Once there was a king who wanted to know what is art.

King like any other, gave announcement through all his kingdom, that he offers a great award to the one who explains him what is art.

Many have tried to explain to king what is art but the king was not satisfied.

And when the king almost lost his hope, a stranger appeared and said: King, I will explain to you what is art.

King looked at him suspiciously and thought: How would this ragged stranger explain to me what is art when so many people couldn't explain. But as I gave them a chance, I will give him too...

Stranger kindly asked king for one cock, one can with red paint, one can with blue paint, and a roll of paper.

King looked at him confused but said nothing, than ordered servants to bring it.

The stranger took the roll of paper and with a single move unwraped it through the hall, than took the can with blue paint and with a brisk move poured it on paper.

And than he took the cock and dip its legs in a can with red paint, than let it walk on paper.

He turned to the king and said: King, this is art.

The king stood thoughtfuly for a while and gave a rich reward to the stranger.

(Zemir V.)



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